Well, yeah, I can see why he would think this was important commentary

I’ve always admired the way that Glenn Reynolds can link to another blogger’s “thoughts” and call them “interesting” in such a manner that allows him to keep his distance in case the blogger in question is an even bigger whackaloon than his writings would indicate. But if I were Steven Den Beste I would consider suing the Professor for linking me in the same sentence with this brilliant analyst:

I realize that it has to be tough to sit in the NR’s offices day after day and watch the Left and the Democrats sling one plague ridden corpse after another over the wall, but you just have to hunker down and take it until the right moment, which is not…. quite…. yet.

Yes, we’ve had the Wilson Corpse, the Clarke Corpse, the Clinton Corpse, the Moore Corpse, the 9/11 Report Corpse — all of these disgusting hunks have been lobbed in and now are scattered about the political landscape in various stages of decomposition. It’s got to be getting rank in the Republican Fortifications, and there have to be a lot of people wanting to whip out the flamethrowers and start sanitizing the joint.

But patience, patience, patience please. Always remember that “A Drug and Democrat Free America comes first. ”

You see, it really doesn’t matter what happens in the next couple of weeks. All that matters is what happens in October.

Yes, there’s going to be a Democratic Convention next week. Nothing can be done about that, it is our way. And yes, we’re going to be getting even greater levels of putrid pablum spewed about by the media as the preening pundits of puce prevarication strut and fret their hours behind the teleprompter. It will be a sickening time as we watch, night after night, the chosen of the party hard at work defining deviancy as Democratic. But that is not a bad thing. It helps people to make a choice.

In time the convention will, like some mistakenly swallowed razor blade, pass. Then the annointed demented will ooze out on the streets to take their platform of taxation, complaint and appeasement to the American people in the form of what is possibly the most boring Democratic candidate since Mortimer Snerd.

Do you really want the President to say anything substantive that would allow these quislings and poltroons to be able to grind it through their lie machine? I think not. Why hand your enemy ammunition when you can watch him use up his own puncturing his clown shoes?


“…greater levels of putrid pablum spewed about by the media as the preening pundits of puce prevarication strut and fret their hours behind the teleprompter.”

Kind of makes you wish you couldn’t read english, doesn’t it?

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