This years model

Annie Jacobson is making the most of her 15 minutes and becoming this year’s version of Eunice Stone:

TERROR IN THE SKIES AUTHOR Annie Jacobsen is on MSNBC right now, with her husband.

UPDATE: Good hour of TV. The Jacobsens seemed credible — by which I mean they seemed honest. The experts afterward were skeptical that they actually witnessed anything untoward, but they all agreed that security is still weak. Annie Jacobsen said that the investigators couldn’t even say what kind of instruments the musicians were carrying suggesting that the investigation wasn’t as thorough as the FBI is claiming, and at the end Joe Scarborough said they had been flooded with emails from passengers and crew who said that things have seemed odd lately on a number of flights.

…and now she’s back for more:

Since publishing the first article, I have received dozens of emails from people in the airline industry, including flight attendants, captains and pilots, some of whom I have also spoken with on the telephone. As of Sunday morning, to my knowledge, WWS had received no emails from anyone in the airline industry suggesting that the incident described in my first article did not happen.

If I let my imagination run away with me and start to believe that Jennifer Anniston wants to play naked wheelbarrow with me….well, who’s to say it isn’t true?

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