And he’s just the man for the job….
Our Lady of the Dolphins says:
A leader cannot seem ambivalent about crucial actions and decisions, and he can’t seem so weighed down by the facts and implications of those decisions that people begin to wonder if he’s lost his fight.
If there was ever a President who wasn’t “weighed down by the facts and implications”…
Or, for you Shorter Peggy Noonan fans:
I like ’em big and stupid.

Additional note: When Noonan writes:

We cannot leave Iraq and should not leave Iraq. Certainly lately, since the transfer of sovereignty, things seem to be looking up, but that may well prove temporary. But the great reason, as I have written before on Iraq, is that there’s no way ’round it but through it. We have to stay, and we have to win.

I have to wonder where Noonan’s son is and why he isn’t fighting to keep his mom from becoming one of the lesser concubines of some heavily bearded, wild-eyed jihadist bent on conquering America and enslaving his mom.

Last we saw of him he was pounding down a brew with Peg.

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