Shedding her Hillary mask, the Senator unhinged her jaw and swallowed John Edwards whole as a warning….

Over at the Corner, KJL has been IM’ing Barbara Comstock about her dream date with Rich Lowry their mutual Hillary obsession:

Was just e-chatting with Barbara Comstock. Here’s her read of the situation: “I think they are genuinely afraid of her stealing the limelight and there is no love lost between Kerry and Clintons since they wanted Wesley Clark as nominee…..And then you have the fact that Kerry DOES understand that Hillary’s plans for 2008 are based on Kerry losing….there’s no way around that . But I think the uproar from not having her was just too much to sustain the position. I think it’s a good sign that the Kerry campaign is pretty tone deaf even within their own crowd…..and they are arrogant even among their own…..”

Do you get the feeling that, come Nov. 1 they’ll still be talking about Hillary knocking off Kerry, draping his bloody shirt around her neck, and bravely stepping into the breech?

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