Blogging the convention

Actually, no, I’m not one of the select ones for many reasons, the primary one being: I never applied.

First off, I never thought that I was exactly what they were looking for. Secondly, and most importantly, I don’t like to travel. Hate planes, hate hotel rooms, hate meeting strangers (No. Really. I’m painfully shy…ask my wife). I would rather hurl myself down a flight of stairs than go to a party or a dinner with people that I don’t know.

About a year ago I attended a little get-together at Kevin Drum’s house (before he became a Political Animal) and my wife still comments on how surprised she was that I didn’t bail at the last moment. It was one of the most pleasant and entertaining evenings I’ve ever had…and one of the most personally excruciating. So, it would be safe to say that attending a hullabaloo like the Democratic Convention would probably be one of my personal Circles of Hell (coming right after a That’s So Raven marathon).

Therefore I will be blogging the bloggers who will be blogging about the bloggers at the convention.

I’m guessing that someone will be blogging me blogging the bloggers who will be…

…this is why the Internet is infinite…except in Indiana.

Additional personal note: The money that I am saving by not traveling to Boston (and I love Boston) will instead be used by my wife and daughter for yet another trip to Palm Springs where they will NOT, I repeat NOT, be buying another puppy.

We should have named him Cerberus instead of Beckham…
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