Why does Brent Baker hate the military?

Writing about Outfoxed:

Boynton found the film convincing: “It is not exactly earth-shattering, of course, to learn that Fox is more conservative than other news networks. What Outfoxed does is detail the specific ways, both onscreen and behind the scenes, in which the network’s conservatism shapes its news and opinion programs. The most stinging blow that Outfoxed delivers to Fox’s ‘fair and balanced’ claim comes in a segment of the film on the daily memos apparently sent to the entire Fox news operation by John Moody, Fox News’s senior vice president for news and editorial. The memos, which Greenwald says were provided by two unnamed employees at the network, set the agenda for how events will be covered. One memo, thought to have been circulated at Fox in April, instructs employees how to report on the increasing number of American fatalities in Iraq: ‘Do not fall into the easy trap of mourning the loss of U.S. lives,’ it reads. Another memo outlines the approach to covering the United States military’s siege on Falluja: ‘It won’t be long before some people start to decry the use of ‘excessive force,’ it says. ‘We won’t be among that group.’ A third, on the 9/11 Commission, is equally firm: ‘The fact that former Clinton and both former and current Bush administration officials are testifying gives it a certain tension, but this is not ‘what did he know and when did he know it’ stuff,’ it cautions. ‘Do not turn this into Watergate.” (my emphasis)

To which Brent Baker writes:

They sound to me like reasonable precautions to avoid falling into the liberal bias delivered by all the other networks, something that will never be a subject of a New York Times Magazine story.

Brent than adds:

On the page for the Times Magazine the newspaper has posted this question: “Is Fox News ‘fair and balanced’?” As of a few hours ago, after I voted “yes,” the results stood at: Yes: 12% No: 88%

That says a lot about the audience for the Times Web site.

I think that all of this says a lot about you, Brent….

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