Rick admired the lovely orange jacket and wondered if it could be accessorized with a studded dog collar.

If you’re going to roll out someone who was a B-list celebrity in the seventies and has dropped so far down the alphabetical celebrity food chain that they haven’t even discovered the letter for it yet, shouldn’t you mandate a dress code?

It was nice to see Dean Jones’ cadaver make an appearance.

Meanwhile, the scourge of Rhodesian Ridgebacks said:

In a strongly worded speech, Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., said some criticism runs along these lines: “Marriage is hate. Marriage is a stain. Marriage is an evil thing. That’s what we hear. People who stand for traditional marriage are haters, they’re bashers, they’re mean-spirited, they’re intolerant. … Well, we’re not,” he added.

…unless you’re gay and you want to get married. We won’t tolerate that.

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