Multiplying faster than Santorums….

Chris sends me a link:

8,000 bloggers born every day

Weblog search engine Technorati says it is now tracking over three million weblogs, with 8,000-17,000 new blogs created every single day. That means that a new weblog is created somewhere in the world every 5.8 seconds. Of these, a reported 36 per cent irritate friends or family with their twitterings, while a staggering 12 per cent attract the attention of lawyers with their biting commentary.


According to a survey by MIT conducted earlier this year, the great majority of bloggers identify themselves on their sites: 55 per cent of respondents provide their real names, while another 20 per cent provide some variant of the real name: first name only, first name and initial of surname, or just a pseudonym friends would know.

I’ve just stuck with tbogg because all the really good names like Bloviatus Maximus or Emperor Premature Ejaculator were already taken….

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