You lies down with dogs…..

Jeff Jarvis writes:

Any friend of his…

: Roger Simon should sue Amazon. My “plog” (which disappears on its own, by the way) started this way today:

Jeffrey’s Plog Beta Monday, July 12, 2004
Weapons of Mass Distortion : The Coming Meltdown of the Liberal Media was released just 6 days ago on July 6, 2004; We thought you’d be interested because you bought Director’s Cut : A Moses Wine Novel.

Moses Wine, by smart man Roger Simon. Weapons of Mass Distortion by frightening self-appointed national nanny and religious fanatic and enemy of free speech and the First Amendment Brent Bozell. And what the hell made Amazon’s computers think these would go together?

If Jarvis (and Simon, for that matter) can’t figure this one out, I’m not sure who can help them.

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