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Fun letter to the editor in South Florida:

The Army is so short of help that it is recalling thousands who have served one enlistment, but still have a reserve obligation. This should be a call to arms for those who support our president’s war effort.

If you are among those who have written letters supporting the president, you have demonstrated that you have the ability to write a persuasive letter. You should turn your writing ability toward your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces. Write them and urge them to join the president’s battle for freedom by signing up with a branch of the military. If you are young enough, you should consider enlisting.

We cannot depend on left-wing radicals to fill the gap. If you support President Bush, it is time to do more than just vote for him — it is time to join his battle for freedom by enlisting, or by urging your friends and relatives to enlist. You might also consider writing your state and federal legislators and asking them to do the same.

Brian Mattis
Fort Lauderdale

Recruiters are standing by……

(Thanks to Richard)

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