Rogaine for the soul

Jay Bryant makes his living as a “GOP media consultant”, so It’s not too surprising that he would write his TownHall column praising Dick Cheney because any good consultant can sniff out a paycheck even if it’s hidden in a undisclosed location. And I’m sure it’s a real chuckle for the types who take anyone at TownHall seriously to read this:

For good or ill, Americans have never thought much of their Vice Presidents, and the Presidents they served probably thought even less of them. FDR didn’t even bother to tell Truman about the atomic bomb, Eisenhower said he’d have to think a while when asked what contributions Richard Nixon had made to his administration, the freeze-out of Johnson during the Kennedy presidency was much commented on, and then there were Agnew, Mondale, Quayle…and Gore, who, having previously invented the Internet, spent his vice-presidential years attempting to “re-invent” government, a big part of which consisted of searching for a controlling legal authority that would allow him to fleece Bhuddist(sic) monks for campaign cash. (my emphasis)

Yeah, yeah. Gore said he invented the internet. Hyuk, hyuk. It’s funny because it’s not true.

Then Jay has this to say:

John Edwards may have the face and hairdo of a model…

What is with the preoccupation with John Edwards hair and his looks?

Only Jay Bryant knows for sure.

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