101st Fighting Keyboarders get organized and build a fort with the couch cushions

Via Kevin Drum we find Red State:

Since its inception, the Republican Party has always embraced wide range of ideological beliefs. This diversity of thought sometimes inspires conflict — but it has also led to great achievement. Through all debates, despite all regional or political concerns, the central philosophy of every true strain of Republicanism remains faithful to the foundational principles of the party: individual freedom and the value of every human life. These principles have guided the party from its origin as a political force to smash slavery, to the long fight against communism, to the ongoing battle for the sanctity of the unborn, to the present war against the forces of Islamism.(My emphasis)

Okay. When you’re done laughing you have to ask yourself what that has to do with the modern Republican party? I mean, come on….

Our objective is not to centralize or to direct, but to provide a rallying point for the Right, a public square where Republicans can interact, debate, and share information on a wide variety of political issues independent of the official party structure. Redstate.org will be a gathering place of responsible voices, stimulating debate, and constructive action, fully mobilizing conservative intellectual and organizational resources to create a strong and vibrant presence in the blog medium. Through Redstate, the political blogging of the Right can gain the critical mass it needs for the battle ahead.

“Critical mass it needs for the battle ahead”

They’re so cute when they’re hubristic…

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