Squeezing the rubes

You gotta hand it to the rightwing, they just love to screw their own (and we should be happy that they keep their breeding in-house).

For all of your your picnicking and fried fatty foods needs we present: W Ketchup

Let’s poke around the site a bit, eh?

Here we see the inspiration for W Ketchup, Ronald Reagan, whose administration wanted to list ketchup as a “vegetable“, and, no, I’m not going to make any Reagan/vegetable jokes, not that they didn’t occur to me. We also see that a “portion” of each sale will “… be donated to to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships for the children of active duty service members killed in the line of duty.” which should make it all that much easier to commit to unneccesary wars when a President feels the need to toss some taxpayers dollars to some of his corporate overlords supporters. In other words: do it for the kids.

Oh. And who started the Freedom Alliance?

Freedom Alliance, a 501(c)3 educational and charitable foundation, was founded in 1990 by LtCol Oliver L. North, who now serves as the organization’s honorary chairman. We will work to “keep America strong, keep America prosperous, and keep America free,” said North upon the founding of Freedom Alliance.

Yeah. That guy.

Here we see that you have to buy a minimum of four bottles to keep costs down so more money (“just pennies a day!”) can be used to send little Bobby to VMI. Let’s see…hmmmm….four 14 oz. bottles is only $12 plus $7.95 shipping comes out to…..$19.95, or about 36 cents an ounce. Now if I were to buy some of that commie red ketchup (or even the green) from Heinz I would be paying $1.79 for 28 oz. which is about…6 cents an ounce. Looks like someone is more of a capitalist than others.

By these numbers I guess you could say that people who buy W ketchup are six times more American than you or me.

And probably only twice as dumb, but I’m just rounding off….

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