Fortunately Scott Reid didn’t look like Ned Beatty and an unpleasant incident was averted…

Wes Pruden is getting all giggly about John Kerry touching John Edwards which is like totally gay and faggy and stuff just like when football players pat each other on the ass.

The two Johns lock eyes frequently in deep contact and stop barely short of demonstrating what great kissers they may be. Monsieur Kerry might yet give us a demonstration of French kissing but, if he does, Mr. Edwards, a good ol’ Carolina boy after all, will be entitled to slap his face. (Secret Service bodyguards, take note.)

Over the past two days, since Monsieur Kerry introduced his running mate at his wife’s estate near Pittsburgh, “candidate handling,” in the description of the Drudge Report, “has become the top buzz on the trail.”


Besides, says a Kerry spokesperson, “I think we’re just seeing genuine affection between them.” But he adds nervously, “I hope we do not see them wearing matching outfits when they ride bikes together this weekend.”

The quote, of course, comes from Drudge so we know it must be true because that’s just the kind of thing a Kerry spokesperson would say to the closeted and self-loathing Matt Drudge.

Be that as it may, I hope Wes gets some Moonie wood out of this encounter between George W. Bush and a real purty feller:

This is what happened:

Mr. Bush met Mr. Reid earlier this week at the summit in Monterrey, Mexico, just after the President’s breakfast with Mr. Martin.

Mr. Reid was not initially in the hotel room where the two leaders and their closest advisers met, but was called in to brief the Prime Minister at the end as the group waited for the media.

Mr. Bush wandered over during Mr. Reid’s chat with the Prime Minister. Mr. Reid introduced himself and shook hands with Mr. Bush.

“Well, what do you do for this guy?” the President asked as he pointed to the Prime Minister.

“Well, you know, sir, I can’t really say,” Mr. Reid said. “It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that, you know, I don’t really know from day to day.”

This is true. Mr. Reid handles a number of files and performs a number of different duties, depending on the issue and the day.

The President chuckled. “Well, you got a pretty face,” he told the surprised Mr. Reid. He wasn’t done. “You got a pretty face,” he said again. “You’re a good-looking guy. Better looking than my Scott anyway.”

Saucy boy….

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