The space time continuum? That’s “junk science” too.

John Edwards is not fit to be Vice President because he couldn’t see nineteen years into the future:

As newly announced vice-presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards’ record is scrutinized, political critics are re-examining claims the former trial lawyer amassed much of the personal fortune that financed his political career by winning legal cases based on “junk science.”


CNSNews.com first reported in January how Edwards won record jury verdicts and settlements in cases alleging that the botched treatment of women in labor and their deliveries caused infants to develop the brain disorder cerebral palsy.

Edwards specialized in these cases, which he characterized in his presidential campaign as battles on behalf of the common man against insurance companies.

But the cause of cerebral palsy long has been debated, and two new studies in 2003 further undermined the scientific premise of Edwards’ cases, CNSNews.com reported.

The WND story cites a case from….1985.

It should be noted that Dick Cheney doesn’t have the power to see into the future either, but he does have the power to send soldiers to their death so that Halliburton can profit.

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