Oh. And give my best to the missus….

John hears from Dick:

“I know his skill. I know his passion. I know his strength. I know his conscience,” said Kerry, a four-term U.S. senator from Massachusetts.

“He has honored the lessons of home and family that he learned in North Carolina, and he brings those values to shape a better America together with all of us.”

After Kerry spoke, Vice President Dick Cheney called Edwards to congratulate him on his selection, and tell the senator that he looked forward to a spirited campaign and their October 5 debate, Cheney spokesman Kevin Kellems said.

Cheney also mentioned that he was going to skullf**k Edwards before sending him off to Abu Ghraib with a handful of glowsticks shoved up his ass, sell Edwards’ to wife to the Halliburton-run Iraqi whorehouses, and drain the blood of Edwards’ children to sate the unnatural cravings of his wife Lynne, seen here about to unhinge her jaws and consume a live baby.

Then they talked about golf.

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