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Mike Adams takes a break from writing endlessly tedious stories about his petty squabbling with the faculty at UNC-Wilmington (which he always wins, I might add) to use his weekly column to reprint an unsigned letter promoting…Mike Adams’ Welcome To The Ivory Tower of Babel, or My Doctorate Came From Mississippi State So Don’t Expect A Lot…. From the ‘letter‘:

I do not know if you were aware of this when I was a student, but I was a self-proclaimed “Liberal.” While I was too immature at the time I entered college to have developed my own valid political ideals, I had grown up in a very small, conservative southern town. Obviously, this had an impact on what I thought I believed. Upon my arrival at the first university I attended, I began to encounter what I later came to understand were liberals. At this particular university they are generally found in the form of irregularly-bathed, shoeless Hippies (that includes both professors and students). The students’ liberal arguments were not exactly persuasive to me, but the professors seemed to share what I considered to be radical opinions.

Bear in mind, this is my first personal contact with Ph.D.s. I naturally assumed, since these individuals were the most highly educated people I had ever met, and they were chosen by university administrators and faculty to teach me, their ideals must be correct. For a majority of my college career I was bombarded with liberal ideology, and I was nearly consumed by those ideals until I met my fiancé, who convinced me to “change the channels,” if you will, to watch Fox & Friends rather than Today on NBC.

After about nine months of listening to conservatives in the media, mainly Sean Hannity, I was beginning to question my own political beliefs and ideals. I was having a sort of “identity crisis.” After completing Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel, the crisis was over. I hesitate to say that I agreed with 100% of what you had to say in your book, but all of your arguments were valid and clear. Also, it was incredibly refreshing for someone to discuss opinions that so many of us, including myself, share, but do not have courage to express.

Later he confesses to being a freshman at a small mid-western college when he met these three coeds and, well, let’s just say he never thought it would happen to him.

We still don’t think it happened to him…or ever will.

Added: The portion of the letter dealing with the Rape Crisis Center is equal parts laughable and loathsome…

Extra Added Super Mega-Bonus:
Upcoming Events:
July 8: Mike Adams will be speaking about his new book, “Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel” this Thursday July 8th, in Washington, D.C. The event, which will be held at noon on Capitol Hill (Cannon House Office Building, Room 121) will also feature Ben Shapiro, author of “Brainwashed” and Dan Flynn, author of “Why the Left Hates America.” The luncheon is free. For details and directions and to RSVP call Sean Grindlay at 202.364.3085, extension 116 or email sean.grindlay@academia.org.

What some people will do for a free sandwich…

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