That whole blow job/war equivalency thing

Big media Matt writes:

That’s exactly right. What’s more, the absurdity here is that the president is being held to a lower standard precisely because he’s the president. George W. Bush is an important person, if you go write an article or do a television broadcast for a major media outlet stating flatly — and perfectly accurately — that the president’s rhetorical strategy is to use association and innuendo to create false impressions, there will be consequences. Say the same thing about Michael Moore, and you’re being a good journalist correcting the record. Thus, it’s okay for the president to play fast and loose with the facts, but God forbid a left-wing documentarian is allowed to get away with it.

To which the Thing From Lucianne’s Vagina responds:

Second, Yglesias wasn’t in the game during the Clinton presidency. Nevertheless it is amusing to find a liberal who bemoans a president who benefits from being held to a lower standard and who gets to play fast and loose with the facts. I mean we never saw anything like that in the 1990s.

Yes. Lying about a blow job can balance out a scale that has an unprovoked war in the other dish. Perhaps in Jonah’s world they are equal because, in his life it takes a global battle just to get one…

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