Livin’ in the land o’America-haters

Lileks spent the 4th hanging out with the commies in his neighborhood:

Earlier in the afternoon we went to the park for a parade. All the kids go around the block driving patriotically festooned bikes and trikes. Exactly two American flags present in the entire parade: Gnat had one, and a little tiny Hmong kid had one taped to his baby carriage.

We were led by a fellow banging on an Indian drum. At least one onlooker got into the spirit, and held up a boombox that played Sousa marches. (But not too loudly.) There was one flag hanging off a tree, which was nice, but somehow I expected more. Was there ever more? Probably not. It just seems like there should be, but as I’ve noted before you don’t see a lot of flags in this neighborhood. You might wonder why. The answer is because most people don’t have one.

The link includes a bonus picture of daughter Chigger whom James like to flaunt as proof that he once had sex. Call us skeptical, but we are still not convinced….

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