Another fun thing I’ll probably never get to do

Pity the Virgin Ben. Even when the Supreme Court says we are living in a sexual candy store:

In the last few years, the Supreme Court has written sodomy into the Constitution of the United States..

…he’s still outside with his nose pressed against the window.

In other news, that “conservative” court has decided that certain attempts to limit access to Internet pornography violate the First Amendment. Yes, that’s right, Virginia! Getting together with your friends, incorporating and buying a political ad in the weeks leading up to an election is illegal in the United States — and that ban is constitutional. But asking Web site operators to use credit cards, personal ID numbers or adult access codes to bar minors from entering porn sites is unconstitutional. So that’s what the founders were thinking: Anti-Kerry ads must be stopped, but for God’s sake, please protect “Lord of the G-Strings”!

Wait a minute….

How did he know about the “personal ID numbers or adult access codes”?

I think someone has been looking at breasteses….

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