Let me finish, let me finish. For the love of God someone let him finish…

Here’s your transcript of our Talking Point President being interviewed by someone who actually expects an answer instead of a Scott McClellan-like evasion.

Q But, Mr. President, the world is a more dangerous place today. I don’t know whether you can see that or not.

THE PRESIDENT: Why do you say that?

Q There are terrorist bombings every single day. It’s now a daily event. It wasn’t like that two years ago.

THE PRESIDENT: What was it like September the 11th, 2001? It was a — there was a relative calm, we —

Q But it’s your response to Iraq that’s considered —

THE PRESIDENT: Let me finish. Let me finish, please. Please. You ask the questions and I’ll answer them, if you don’t mind.

On September the 11th, 2001, we were attacked in an unprovoked fashion. Everybody thought the world was calm. And then there have been bombings since then — not because of my response to Iraq. There were bombings in Madrid. There were bombings in Istanbul. There were bombings in Bali. There were killings in Pakistan.

Q Indeed, Mr. President, and I think Irish people understand that. But I think there is a feeling that the world has become a more dangerous place because you have taken the focus off al Qaeda and diverted into Iraq. Do you not see that the world is a more dangerous place? I saw four of your soldiers lying dead on the television the other day, a picture of four soldiers just lying there without their flight jackets.

THE PRESIDENT: Listen, nobody cares more about the death than I do —

Q Is there a point or place —

THE PRESIDENT: Let me finish, please. Please. Let me finish, and then you can follow up, if you don’t mind.

Nobody cares more about the deaths than I do. I care about it a lot. But I do believe the world is a safer place and becoming a safer place. I know that a free Iraq is going to be a necessary part of changing the world. Listen, people join terrorist organizations because there’s no hope and there’s no chance to raise their families in a peaceful world where there is not freedom. And so the idea is to promote freedom, and at the same time protect our security. And I do believe the world is becoming a better place, absolutely.

…and nobody cares more about death than he does, which is why we have had so much of it since he became President.

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