Plans call for the commission to be headed up by Abu bin Scalia

What if they promoted a democracy that was anything but? Leave it to Bremer:

U.S. administrator L. Paul Bremer has issued a raft of edicts revising Iraq’s legal code and has appointed at least two dozen Iraqis to government jobs with multi-year terms in an attempt to promote his concepts of governance long after the planned handover of political authority on Wednesday.

Some of the orders signed by Bremer, which will remain in effect unless overturned by Iraq’s interim government, restrict the power of the interim government and impose U.S.-crafted rules for the country’s democratic transition. Among the most controversial orders is the enactment of an elections law that gives a seven-member commission the power to disqualify political parties and any of the candidates they support.(my emphasis)

So? How you Iraqis liking your self-government so far?

Democracy for “brown-skinned people”: yes.
Self determination: Hell no.

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