Order tickets ahead…

Jim at Rittenhouse on trying to see Fahrenheit 9/11.

At work today one of my employees was talking with her boyfriend throughout the day about going with a large group to see Fahrenheit tonight. As she said to me on the way out, “I hate politics…but I really want to see this.”

And on the homefront I picked my daughter up at the multiplex tonight after she saw Dodgeball (hey…she’s fourteen). I asked if Fahrenheit was playing there and she said “no” but that she wanted to see it this weekend.

Yesterday afternoon we were in Bookstar and she picked up Jacob Weisberg’s Bushisms and stood flipping through it while I browsed (I bought The Cold Six Thousand for myself, Wicked for her and The Dogs of Babel for my wife if you must know). Anyway after spending twenty minutes or so flipping through Weisberg’s book, she looked up and said “This guy is an idiot.”

She is her father’s daughter….

(Added): The latest from San Diego

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