Feeling better all the time

Congratulations to Dick Cheney for standing up for propriety and taking the high road by using a word that I won’t even use on my blog:

Vice President Dick Cheney has said he didn’t regret cursing at Sen. Patrick Leahy earlier this week, and said he felt better after the incident.

In an interview with Fox News on Friday, Cheney said he was “forcefully” expressing his unhappiness with the conduct of the Democratic senator from Vermont — who Cheney said had publicly questioned his integrity, and then wanted to be friendly when he saw him in person.

Sources who related the incident to CNN said the vice president had told Leahy either “f— off” or “go f— yourself.”

Cheney would not confirm using the word.

“That’s not the kind of language I usually use,” the vice president said in the interview during a campaign stop in Michigan.

When asked if he had cursed at Leahy, Cheney answered, “Probably.”

“Do you have any regrets?,” Neil Cavuto asked.

“No. I said it,” the vice president responded.

Oh, and Dick?

Blow me.

That felt pretty good.

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