As if you needed another good reason to buy a pint of Chubby Hubby

Our man Ben Cohen:

Ben Cohen, co-founder of Vermont-based Ben & Jerry’s, has come up with “50 Ways You Can Show George the Door in 2004.” With co-author Jason Salzman, the white-bearded, jovial Cohen proudly showed off his latest invention, a regime-change device called the Sidewalk Chalk Stamper. Looking like an oversized carpet sweeper, the doohickey has “Stamp Out Bush” in raised letters (made from paint pads) on the bottom.

“We’re going to go on a group motorcycle ride in Arizona,” Cohen said. “Ride into town, then walk up and down the sidewalk with it. You can stamp out two or three a second with this thing.”

“It comes off with water,” Salzman added.

“Yes,” said Cohen, “but there’s interesting leniency in the law when it comes to chalk.”

As he described the development of the Sidewalk Chalk Stamper, his bright eyes took on a distant, visionary look.

“In the early days,” Cohen said, “we used chalk powder. But it got on people’s shoes and they tracked it into shops, which upset shop owners. So we improved the system – we mixed the powdered chalk into a slurry. It took a while to get the formula just right.”

You could see, right there, the environment in which paradigm-shattering concepts like Cherry Garcia were conceived.

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