And we’re supposed to take you seriously because…?

The Blogger With Diminishing Credibility writes about Sullivan’s inability to endorse Bush:

Andrew’s position seems to me to be driven largely by Bush’s support of the (non-starter) Federal Marriage Amendment. As someone who supports gay marriage pretty strongly (though less so than Andrew, I imagine) I can understand his disappointment. But it seems to me that Bush has done the least he realistically could have done on this issue, only supporting the Amendment when it became obvious that it wasn’t going anywhere, and then offering only token support. And though you can draw a distinction between Bush and Kerry on this issue, it’s not much of one, really. But obviously it seems bigger to Andrew than it does to me.

There are plenty of things that I disagree with Bush on — stem cell research (and pretty much all other biotech/bioethics issues), abortion, gay marriage, the Drug War, etc. If it weren’t for the war, I’d probably be on the fence. But I can’t take Kerry seriously on the war, and for me it’s the number one issue. For Sullivan, I guess, it’s not. I had thought that it was.

Consider that:

The Administration lied about the reasons for invading Iraq. No WMDs, no threat to the region, no threat to the US. No involvement in 9/11.

Invaded and occupied with insufficient forces, so much so that we pulled troops out of Afghanistan that were searching for bin Laden.

Alienated the world against the US.

Lost over 837 Americans, with thousands wounded.

Blown billions of dollars with little to show for it.

Made a country where it is no safer for an American to leave the heavily-fortified Green Zone than it was when we declared “Mission Accomplished“.

Awarded billion dollar no-bid contracts to cronies of the Administration who have since been the subject of investigations of fraud.

Been caught torturing and sexually humiliating Iraqis, and then tried to cover it up.

Supported and funded a known embezzler who promptly passed secret information onto Iran…before being caught embezzling again.

Made it more dangerous to be an American in the Middle East.

And now we are pretending that the June 30 handover is going to go just swell, which is why we’re leaving our undermanned and overextended military to remain a daily target for a people who don’t want us there.

So one has to wonder:

Why exactly does he take George W. Bush seriously about the war?

It would be refreshingly honest for Reynolds to just admit that he doesn’t like John Kerry because he looks too “french”.

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