Took a few days off…

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I’ve been busy with this and that. “This and that” mainly being a new Dell system for my daughter that came with a DOA monitor and a DVD player that doesn’t work.

Sample conversation with “Rachel” from Dell who sounds remarkably like Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon*:

Me: The monitor doesn’t work.

Rachel: Is it plugged in?

Me: Of course, it’s plugged in. It still doesn’t work.

Rachel: Is the video cable attached to the unit?

Me: Yes. And it still doesn’t work.

Rachel: Please hold while I complete some documentation.

Me(Waiting…indulging in revenge fantasies): hmmmmmmmmmm

Rachel (Returning five minutes later): Have you tried another monitor with your computer?

Me: Yes. The old monitor works.

Rachel: Did you try plugging the new monitor into a different power source?

Me: Yes. It DOESN’T WORK. The power light doesn’t even come on. It has never come on. It doesn’t work.

Repeat for twenty-seven more minutes with frequent requests that I “Hold please” while documentation is prepared, ending with:

Rachel: We will have a technician out within twenty-four hours to install it.

Me: Install what? You just need to send me a new monitor.

Rachel: Yes. That is correct.

Me: …and send me a call tag for the broken one.

Rachel: Yes. That is correct.

Me: So. You’re shipping me a new monitor?

Rachel: Yes. I have prepared the documentation.


I think Samuel Beckett writes their scripts…

That does it. I’m going back to blogging on cave walls.

Anyway…I’m back.

(*For those keeping score at home, Manjula & Apu’s eight kids are:

Anoop Nahasapeemapetilon.
Gheet Nahasapeemapetilon.
Nabendu Nahasapeemapetilon.
Poonam Nahasapeemapetilon.
Pria Nahasapeemapetilon.
Sandeep Nahasapeemapetilon.
Sashi Nahasapeemapetilon.
Uma Nahasapeemapetilon

Just in case you’re playing Scrabble or something)

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