The thrill of overthrowing elected governments just isn’t there anymore….

Otto Reich (whose name is almost as cool as Max Boot’s to the war-bloggers)is calling it quits after discovering that it’s not a good career move to represent El Presidente Borracho y Loco:

Otto J. Reich, President Bush’s special envoy to Latin America, resigned on Wednesday, taking with him a lifetime of experience fighting Fidel Castro and other opponents of American foreign policy.

Mr. Reich, who was 15 when he fled Cuba after Mr. Castro came to power in 1959, cited “personal and financial reasons” last month in announcing his intent to leave the post.

In 2001, President Bush nominated Mr. Reich to become assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, the top State Department post for Latin America. Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, the president’s brother, and the state’s anti-Castro Cubans supported the nomination.

But the Senate would not confirm him; some Democrats called him an ideologue. After a bitter fight, the president appointed him temporarily when Congress recessed. After that yearlong term expired, he took the special envoy post, which did not require Senate approval, in January 2003.

But by then Latin America had lost the foreign-policy prominence it had held under President Bush before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, and the post held little real power.

As you can see here, Reich is George Bush’s kind of Hispani-rican without all that brown-skinned baggage that might make him stand out at a Heritage Foundation mixer, giving Michele Malkin the vapors.

You can read more on Otto here and here.

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