Ron would have wanted it that way…on the side, maybe even supersized

The tributes to Ronald Reagan (former President, actor, deficit-fluffer, dead guy…that guy) keep rolling in. Harkening back to his administrations efforts to list ketchup (or catsup…whatever) as a vegetable, we get this from the current administration which is a lot like Reagan’s (what with that deficits overseen by a stupid president thing that he pioneered):

Anyone trying to add more fruits and vegetables to their diet may have just gotten an unlikely assist from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Based on a little-noticed change to obscure federal rules, the USDA defines frozen french fries as “fresh vegetables.”

As bizarre as it may sound, a federal judge in Texas last week endorsed the USDA’s rules in a court case, saying the term “fresh vegetables” was ambiguous.

The USDA quietly changed the regulations last year at the behest of the french fry industry, which has spent the past five decades pushing for a revision to the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA). The law was passed by Congress in 1930 to protect fruit and vegetable farmers in the event that their customers went out of business without paying for their produce.

The Frozen Potato Products Institute appealed to the USDA in 2000 to change its definition of fresh produce under PACA to include batter-coated, frozen french fries, arguing that rolling potato slices in a starch coating, frying them and freezing them is the equivalent of waxing a cucumber or sweetening a strawberry.

The USDA agreed and, on June 2, 2003, the agency amended its PACA rules to include what is described in court documents as the “Batter-Coating Rule.”

Ah yes, the “Batter-Coating Rule“. Wouldn’t that look really cool on a resume.

“Successfully instituted the Batter-Coating Rule allowing food processors to sell frozen vegetables coated in starch and fried in lard to be sold as “fresh vegetables” resulting in an 18% increase in sales over a three-year period, a cushy industry job for myself after leaving public service and an invitation to join one of the exclusive “Rings of Hell” following my demise”

(Please note that, in this post, I never once equated Ronald Reagan personally with vegetables, frozen or freshly harvested. That would have been wrong.)

Thanks to Anna

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