I love you man. No. Really. I love you man. I gotta pee….

In the ongoing outporing of tributes to the late great Ronster, Andrew Stuttaford relates a story about the man:

Summer 1988, just over a year before the fall of the Wall: on a train rolling through Poland on its way to Warsaw. “You’re American?” “English.” Smiles, handshakes, out come the beers, and then the toasting starts. “Thatcher. Reagan. Thatcher. Reagan.” Hours later we all pour out onto the railway platform.

And no, it’s no longer a dumb question.

I’ve never been that drunk.

Following tradition (and the footsteps of others)I am not going to say anything bad about the dead…at least for a few weeks.

I am a liberal after all….

(Added): The fab David E has a more interesting view on President Ron, which is quite refreshing when confronted with the alternatives.

Does anyone else think that Peggy has had this written up for about two years? Somehow I can see la Noonan being grabbed by guards and thrown out of the memorial service when she wails and sobs and tries to throw her body across his casket a la Evita at the funeral of her real father…

Alice has a few things to say.

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