Smacking the New York Times upside the head…with a rolled-up copy of the New York Times.

Joe Conason on Judith “He Said it, I Believe It, That Settles It” Miller and the New York Times:

What all the present and former Times editors omitted is a straightforward acknowledgment of issues that the paper had long ignored concerning its own correspondent and her political commitment to her sources. With their indulgence, her dubious coverage grew louder and shriller. (Executive editor Bill Keller still indulges her: “It’s a little galling to watch her pursued by some of these armchair media ethicists who have never ventured into a war zone or earned the right to carry Judy’s laptop,” he blustered in New York.)

For years, Ms. Miller has enjoyed privileges that newspapers usually permit only to opinion columnists. She openly aligned herself with organizations and individuals promoting aggressive, unilateral military solutions to the problems of the Middle East. She joined the same lecture agency that arranged paid speeches for former Defense Policy Board member Richard Perle and other like-minded neocons. She co-authored a book with Laurie Mylroie, an academic whose conspiracy theories about Iraq are widely regarded as loony.

More important than her curious associations, however, is the fact that the stories she wrote supported the propaganda line taken by her sources and associates. In their apologia, the Times editors pointed toward “a circle of Iraqi informants, defectors and exiles bent on ‘regime change’ in Iraq, people whose credibility has come under increasing public debate in recent weeks.” That too is only a partial truth. The circle of misleaders encompasses Americans as well as Iraqis, and may be said to include Ms. Miller herself.

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