In a fair and just world he wouldn’t pay full price

Lileks goes to the mall and gets a haircut.

I got my hair cut today, and yes, I realize that signals I have absolutely NOTHING to write about today; fair warning. It was one of those days without qualities or distinctions. But towards the end I had a few Gnat-free hours (a neighbor picked her up from tumbling, took her to a playdate) so I ran to the mall for shearing. Never get the same stylist twice. Never. The last one was a classic Madge in the old wisecracking Lark-smoker beautician mode. This time I got someone who had learned some odd things at the Stylists Academy. There were moments when I wondered just what, exactly, she was doing. The shampoo, for example: at some point it just veered into some odd thumb-based scalp massage. I don’t like to get my hair washed by other people anyway. I generally prefer that strangers keep their hands out of my hair.

…and that is understandable.

C’mon. Really now. Lileks…haircut? There isn’t anything I could write that you haven’t already thought of yourself.

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