Later they donned their Mary-Kate & Ashley&#153 Chastity Belts and went out and bought some Christian hip-hop CD’s that are also supposed to be hot sellers… but aren’t.

Oh. Puh-leze:

During a recent shopping trip to Nordstrom, 11-year-old Ella Gunderson became frustrated with all the low-cut hip-huggers and skintight tops.

So she wrote to the Seattle-based chain’s executives.

“I see all of these girls who walk around with pants that show their belly button and underwear,” she wrote. “Your clearks (sic) sugjest (sic) that there is only one look. If that is true, then girls are suppost (sic) to walk around half naked.”

Nordstrom executives wrote back and promised Ella the company would try to provide a variety of fashions for youngsters.

The shy, bespectacled redhead has since become an instant media darling, appearing on national television over the past two weeks to promote modest fashions instead of the saucy looks popularized by the likes of Britney Spears.

Beware of mainstream news organizations that try to predict fashion trends. I thought Time magazine killed off this type of reporting years ago. There has always been conservative boring unfashionable clothes available for those who want them. That’s what J.Crew is for. And if you think that pink ensemble on the bed behind Ella is hideous (or as my daughter might describe it: profoundly tragic) check out the hot styles at modestapparel.com.

We are a family owned home-based business. Our desire is to offer women an alternative to the promiscuous fashions that are prevalent in clothing stores today.

Who knew fashions could be “promiscuous”?

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