Suddenly Bob realized that the $7,400 could have been better spent on a colonoscopy

Based on the notion that there’s one born every minute, Linda Tripp is looking for 35 of them:

If you haven’t made vacation plans yet, how could you pass up the opportunity to take a guided tour of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic in September with none other than Linda Tripp and her fiance, German native (and childhood sweetheart) Dieter Rausch? “It truly is a trip of a lifetime,” Rausch, who owns a Christmas shop in Middleburg, says in a prospectus outlining the 17-day trip. Tripp told us yesterday: “I don’t know how many people have signed up, but I know he doesn’t want to take more than 35.” The $7,400-per-person excursion is not open to press coverage, she said. “Oh, can you imagine? Gee, I need more ugly pictures of me.”

Yo. Linda. It’s not the pictures that are ugly….

(Thanks to Anna)

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