Your minimum daily requirement of WTF?

A post that moves swiftly from dumb to the kind of bizarre that makes you change your seat on the bus:

I’d noticed that this summer’s huge blockbusters, the first summer crop conceived and shot in the post-9/11 world, include (so far) a Trojan War epic by a director who sees it as analogous to the disastrous Iraq war, an incoherent global-warming diatribe, and (once it hits screens) a “documentary” beloved by the French that all but accuses Bush of piloting the 9/11 planes himself. I’d noticed that there hasn’t been an Arab, Muslim, or Muslim country portrayed in any kind of negative light (let alone in connection with terrorism) since True Lies.

But forget about that. Forget. Forget.

America is locked in a vortex of all-encompassing jingoism that pervades our entire pop culture and political discourse, stifling all dissent from the approved party line of racist, McCarthyist state-approved terrorism both at home and abroad.

Um. Okay. I think this is my stop. I’ll be going now.

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