The courtroom will also be known as Kobe’s House O’ Redemption….

Fun with language in Colorado:

Prosecutors, witnesses and other participants in Kobe Bryant’s trial will be prohibited from using the term “victim” to describe the woman accusing the NBA star of rape.

In a ruling made public Tuesday, state District Judge Terry Ruckriegle said he agreed with Bryant’s lawyers that the term implies guilt.

“Its use under these circumstances could improperly suggest that a crime had been committed such that the presumption of innocence might be jeopardized,” Ruckriegle said. He said the 19-year-old woman must be referred to by name at trial and as a “person” in jury instructions.

Bryant’s attorneys had also asked the judge to prohibit use of the term “defendant” in reference to the Los Angeles Lakers star. Ruckriegle rejected that argument, saying the term is “an accurate reflection of his legal status.”

Henceforth, Kobe will be refered to as the “Flashy NBA Superstar with the Winning Smile”, while the young lady will simply be known as “The Slutty Ho Bitch”.

Oh yeah. It won’t be refered to as ‘rape’ anymore either. Now it’s a “Coupling Of Unequal Fun”.

Jeebus. Could they stack the deck any better for Kobe?

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