I Don’t Like The Drugs But The Drugs Make Me Babble…

Pity the webmaster for Rush Limbaugh’s website who has to seek and search and scratch to find enough clever comments in Rush’s daily droppings to post on his site for his fans edification and our amusement. Hence combined with this:

“I know there’s all this anti-Bush emotion and it’s going to exist, but there’s not that much hatred in this country. Just like the media is under-reporting the economy, they are over-reporting the hatred for Bush.”

You get head-scratcher’s like this:

“This is a phony line: ‘I’m for the troops, but against the war.’ It’s like saying, ‘I’m for a woman’s right to choose, but I’m against abortion.’ You think the left would let people get away with that?”

…and then true Adult ADHD life stories like this:

“I love the movie Mars Attacks. Slim Whitman’s yodeling is what destroys and kills the Martians. How can I not love that movie? Una Paloma Blanca. Ack! Ack!”

At least it’s better than his math:

“There are two parties out of power, if you want to subdivide them. You’ve got the left, the Democrats, and the mainstream media.”

Yeah. Right. He’s “clean and sober”…

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