Everyone gets a vote…but only one vote counts

Oh bother. Viceroy Bremer seems to be having a spot of trouble with the natives:

The rift between Iraq’s Governing Council and the United States over the nomination of the president erupted in acrimony Monday, with council members accusing the chief U.S. administrator of trying to railroad them into accepting America’s choice for the post.

Members of the U.S.-appointed Governing Council were to meet Monday to finalize candidates for the government that will run Iraq after the United States restores limited sovereignty June 30, but when they arrived at the U.S. administration headquarters, they said they were greeted by a message from administrator Paul Bremer that the meeting was postponed.

“Mr. Bremer won’t let the council vote, and he says if we vote, he won’t accept the result,” said Mahmoud Othman, an independent Kurdish council member. “He is a dictator. I don’t know how he can behave like that. He’s imposing his will on everybody.”

Under normal circumstances Bremer would have Othman taken out and flogged, but we don’t do those kinds of things.

At least, we don’t anymore….

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