Time to come out of the closet. No. Not you gay guys. You stay where you are.

Larry Elder, who makes a living in conservative circles by being black, wants all you mature Bush lovers (which sounds like a porn site to me) to stand up and be counted.

heard of a local high school teacher who, in front of the class, likened George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. A friend’s hairdresser loudly and blithely informs all who listen that Bush “created Osama bin Laden.” A nearby florist wrinkled his face as if a skunk had waddled by, and called the Iraq war “Bush’s War.”

Why do the “decent, tolerant and open-minded” people throw social caution to the wind while denouncing President Bush? Call this the Pauline Kael syndrome. The former New Yorker film critic once made a remark that captures this I-hate-the-president-and-any-sane-person-agrees-with-me mentality. In the 1972 presidential race, Richard Nixon destroyed George McGovern, winning every state except Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. The results surprised and stunned Kael, who said, “Nobody I know voted for Nixon.”

Social Bush-bashers depend on something they feel Bush supporters lack — civility. Mature people avoid making others uncomfortable or getting into disputes over politics in social settings. They avoid unnecessarily offending people whom they don’t know. They don’t assume the world marches in lockstep with their views.

Bush’s critics call the president “arrogant.” But there’s a special type of arrogance that assumes any fair and open-minded person must think as I do.

What about you? Have you bitten your tongue while somebody you just met demeans the president by calling him a moron, evil or reminiscent of Hitler? How many times have you fought back the urge to defend the president against unfair, hysterical, emotional, nonsensical and childish “Bush-makes-me-feel-ashamed-to-be-an-American” type remarks?

Write me. I’m collecting stories.

Here’s one.

Here’s another.

Then there’s this.

And let’s not forget this.

And this sure dopesn’t sound very civil to me.

What about this guy?

This seems indelicate.

All of that, without even linking to Emperor Flacid.

Civility. It’s not just a one way street.

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