When spam gets out of control….

Mixed in with the Ci@lis come-ons and the hot teen monkey-sex links, comes this spam which, I just know, was sent to me by mistake:

From the desk of:
Don Nori
PO box 351
Shippensburg, PA 17257 USA
Destiny Image Christian Publishers
“Twenty-one years of publishing the word of the Lord”


Greetings to you in Jesus’ wonderful Name. He is our ever appearing King.

We are preparing for the new season of book releases throughout Europe, Africa and the USA. Since you are probably working on a manuscript now, you are the perfect candidate to contact first. Sorry this is a form letter, but if you are ready to proceed, this will be only form letter you will get. Our contacts from now on will be personal.

We are seriously looking for cutting edge, prophetic books that contain a ‘now’ word for the nations.

We are also looking for manuscripts that lay Christian foundations or deal with relationships, children, teens; or carry a personal testimony of hope and love.

If you have a manuscript in progress, or need help in preparing a manuscript for publication before the end of 2004, please write to me so we may begin the publishing process.

I stopped reading right about here….

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