If he starts doing* Meghan Gurdon, my career is so over….

Honestly, after reading this,there is nothing that I could do tonight that could come within miles of its genius.

*By “doing” Meghan Gurdon (America’s Worst Mom&#153…but you knew that)I meant parodying her. Not really, you know, doing her. Ick.)

(Added) By the way, for you Steven den Beste fans (and you know who you are), I recently read a passage in Jonathan Lethem’s The Fortress of Solitude that reminded me of a certain blogger. Does this ring a bell?:

Arthur Lomb sat with one leg folded under his body like a kindergartner. His monologues were all brow-furrowed and lip-pursed, craven machinations cut with philosophical asides and vice versa. His jabber had a glottal, chanted quality, seemingly designed to guide you past the territory where you might wish to tell him to shut up already or even to strike him, into the realm of baffled wonderment as you considered the white noise of a nerd’s id in full song.

Eerie, ain’t it?

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