The Baathist-Zarqawi-NYT-CNN-MSNBC-WAPO-FOXNPR-ABC-TIMEWARNER-Miramax alliance…

Why Andrew Sullivan gets the big bucks (or why people take pity on him and contribute so he’ll just go away on vacation for a few weeks and the world will have a chance to relax and get a bit smarter again):

I also liked the way the president unapologetically linked what we are doing in Iraq with the broader war on terror.

Yeah. Because he’s never ever mentioned that before in any of his stump speeches, press conferences, commencement addresses, interviews, asides, or in the midst of telling a dead baby joke to Dick Cheney. So other than those, it was most refreshing…

And then:

In the wake of 9/11, a Saddam-Zarqawi alliance would have been a terrible threat. Now we have a Baathist-Zarqawi insurgency. And we have had a year to defeat it. Threading the needle of sovereignty, transfer of power, battling terrorism and coordinating elections is still a massive undertaking. But I was reassured by the president’s speech. It’s a beginning. He now has to make a version of it again and again and again. He is up against a press corps determined to make this transition fail, in order to defeat a Bush presidency. He will need true grit to withstand it.

Why would the media want to defeat a Bush presidency? Bush = war+corruption+scandals+human degradation+stupid human tricks.

The media lives for this stuff.

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