Making a list…checkin’ it twice, gonna find out who’s in the thrall of our Dark Lord Satan or nice

It’s a sad fact that many Christians either can’t remember all the 10 Commandments or they do remember them but choose to break a few every once in a while to keep their street cred for those Jesus Raves. So it comes as no surprise when the Presidential Prayer Team got together to make up a list for Pray the Vote, well, they may have left something off the list:

In this election year, the need for prayer is as great as ever. The Presidential Prayer Team will launch its unique initiative, Pray the VoteTM, on June 21, 2004. The goal of Pray the Vote is simply to stimulate prayer for the fall elections. Believing that when Americans pray we open a door for God to work in our nation, The Presidential Prayer Team is encouraging people to get involved in a variety of ways that include:

Making a commitment to pray for the upcoming elections
Prayer Parties—invite your friends and neighbors to pray
October 5th Virtual Prayer Rally, one month before the election
November 1st Virtual Prayer Rally, Election Eve
Downloadable resources available soon on the website

November 2. Sit down with a nice cup of tea, a stack of Amy Grant CD’s, and then proceed to read all the Left Behind books non-stop, in order.

We’ll let you know how the election went on Wednesday.

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