Pointing out that George Bush has mustard on his chin means that you hate our fighting men and women.

Nancy Pelosi points out the obvious and the Republicans piddle all over themselves with outrage:

“The situation in Iraq and the reckless economic policies in the United States speak to one issue for me, and that is the competence of our leader,” Pelosi said. “These policies are not working. But speaking specifically to Iraq, we have a situation where — without adequate evidence — we put our young people in harm’s way.”

Asked specifically if she was calling Bush incompetent, Pelosi replied:

“I believe that the president’s leadership in the actions taken in Iraq demonstrate an incompetence in terms of knowledge, judgment and experience in making the decisions that would have been necessary to truly accomplish the mission without the deaths to our troops and the cost to our taxpayers.”

Pelosi charged the Bush administration has proved itself wrong on a number of issues with Iraq, including its initial assertions that Iraqis would welcome U.S. troops and that Iraq itself could pay for much of the reconstruction effort.

“Rocket-propelled grenades, not rose petals, greeted them,” Pelosi said of U.S. troops. “Instead … of Iraq being a country that would readily pay for its own reconstruction … we’re up to over $200 billion in cost to the American people.”

Then it started:

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay blasted Pelosi, casting her comments as detrimental to U.S. troops.

“Nancy Pelosi should apologize for her irresponsible, dangerous rhetoric,” DeLay, R-Texas, said. “She apparently is so caught up in partisan hatred for President Bush that her words are putting American lives at risk.”


“The San Francisco/Boston Democrats led by John Kerry have now adopted ‘Blame America First’ as their official policy,” RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie said in the statement.


At the White House, spokesman Scott McClellan was asked about Pelosi.

“I just don’t think that such comments are worth dignifying with any response from this podium,” he said.

More from MSNBC:

Steve Schmidt, a spokesman for the Bush-Cheney campaign, said Pelosi’s comments “represent a grotesque political attack. They’re simply outrageous, and the American people will reject that type of blame America first. … American troops are bravely fighting the terrorist enemy, and it is the terrorists who are responsible for the violence, not the president.”


And Rep. Tom Reynolds, R-N.Y., chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said if all Pelosi could offer is taunting U.S. troops “by saying they are dying needlessly and are risking their lives on a shallow mission, then she should just go back to her pastel-colored condo in San Francisco and keep her views to herself.”


“It was a good team meeting,” said Sen. George Allen, R-Va. “There are those who will question whether or not we will stay and fight” in Iraq, Allen said.

Referring indirectly to the prisoner abuse scandal, Allen added: “Of course the president believes that those who are serving very honorably ought to have our gratitude and appreciation.”

Some in Congress, including Republicans, have criticized the Bush administration for not keeping Congress abreast of the cost of the Iraq war and reconstruction, the abuse of Iraqi detainees and the transfer of power.

But Allen said there was no dissent in the room.

“None that I heard,” Allen said. Bush was interrupted by applause “probably dozens of times, and several standing ovations,” he said.

Being a quisling means never having to address the real issue.

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