In the future, all journalists will have glow-sticks shoved up their ass. In fact, I’ve got one there right now…

James Taranto of the WSJ thinks it’s okay for journalists to be assaulted my our military:

Marshall claims that before their arrest, the Reuterians were thrown to the ground and threatened with guns, and afterward they were kept in a cold cell, had bags put over their heads, and were forced to listen to loud music and do gross things with their fingers.

The U.S. military denies the charges. We leave it to our readers to decide which is more credible, the U.S. military or the wire service that routinely gives us such headlines as “Giuliani Lauds 9/11 ‘Heroes’ Amid Angry Hecklers.”

But we have to say, even if the allegations are true, we don’t understand why Marshall is so upset. After all, official Reuters policy is that, in the words of global news editor Stephen Jukes, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” If that’s so, isn’t one man’s maltreatment another man’s saturnalia?

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