I think I can understand his need for anonymity…

Blogs will replace “big media”…at least that’s what a blogger thinks, not that he’s biased or anything:

A JOURNALIST I KNOW emails that the loss of credibility his profession is suffering is “seismic,” and that he’s considering quitting. What’s more, he’s hearing depressed comments from quite a few colleagues.

Another reader — who probably doesn’t want his name used because he works for a major newspaper — emails: “I’ve tuned out the MSM and rely on the ‘Net — bloggers, Lucianne.com, etc. — to keep me informed, which it does quite well. That way I get all the info but don’t have to endure Dan, Tom and Peter, Wolf, etc. I miss nothing that’s happening but I gain all the stories that the mainstream media simply ignore.” If you saw his address line, you’d know how striking a statement this is.

Perhaps, as this bit of graffiti I photographed outside the UT Main Library today suggests (or at least illustrates), the loss of credibility suffered by mainstream journalism is at a tipping point.

Leaving aside the hilarious reference to Lucianne.com as a source of information (Lucianne being the website that makes Free Republic look like a forum for Mensa members) one really must wonder if “mainstream journalism is at a tipping point” or if it’s just facing a new paradigm….. or maybe someone just needs to snap out of their hubris-induced navel gazing.

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