Hold their manhoods cheap …

I’d like to buy Roy Edroso a drink.

Where did you get the idea that freedom of the press, as an inalienable right, is something to be “allowed”?

There was a time (in my misty water colored-memory) when I used to enjoy reading Reynolds who, although I disagreed with him occasionally, was entertaining and thoughtful. But then he seemed to become unhinged by the neocon Iraqi war drumbeats (those drums…those infernal drums…aaiieeee..)and he decided to become both follower and leader in the Fighting 101st Keyboarders (We few, we happy few, we band of brothers who won’t be fighting in this particular war. Thanks for asking, though…). Having painted himself into a corner as a supporter of the war, he now has nowhere to go without admitting that he might (just might) have been wrong. That it might be a quagmire. That we have lost a war for hearts and minds that would never have been ours. That the ever-shifting reasons for invading Iraq might have been a cover for a group of men with, in the deathless words of Dick Cheney, “other priorities”. That they planned poorly, miscalculated immensely, and lie about it daily.

Harping on the French, “big media”, the 9/11 Commission, and Oil-for-food, has become the last gasp attempts of someone who wants you to pay attention to the bald spots on the lawn because they don’t want you to notice that the house is on fire….

Added) It looks like the Professor got the attention he wanted, although I can’t imagine why he would want this kind of attention.

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