I was saddened by a singer who had no voice until I met a singer who had no career.

Far be it for me to defend tone-deaf Pop Tart Britney Spears, but what better way to get a little press than for a little known “Christian” singer to express sorrow over the way Spears career has gone.

Rebecca St. James, a star of the U.S. Christian music scene, said she was disappointed that role models from the world of music and movies such as Spears led youngsters astray with their message of “anything goes, if it feels good do it.”

“The biggest thing I feel for Britney is I feel sad for her,” she told Reuters in an interview on Saturday.

“I also feel sad for the nine or 10-years-old watching her who see her dressing in a very promiscuous fashion, almost asking for people to treat her as a sex object. They are going to start dressing that way too.”

Australian-born St. James, who fronts the True Love Waits organization in the U.S. which urges teenagers to avoid pre-marital sex, is embarking on a whirlwind European tour during which she hopes to spread the group’s message.

Stacie Orrico (you may now say “Who?”) tried this back in February.

America yawned.

Then again, Christian rock has that effect on people.

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