I mean, I’ve never been naked and forced to simulate sex, but I can’t imagine it’s that bad….in fact, I’m willing to give it a try. Please.

Scraping underneath the bottom of the barrel, Scarborough Country delivers up The Virgin Ben to talk about torture and being naked and moral equivalency and stuff:

Let me begin with you, Ben Shapiro. You wrote a book about brainwashing. A lot of middle Americans think that “The New York Times” and “Boston Globe” and other elite media outlets are really the ones that are brainwashed. How are they responding to this coverage, this uneven coverage, we‘re seeing?

BEN SHAPIRO, AUTHOR, “BRAINWASHED”: Well, I think clearly you‘re seeing a lot of uneven coverage. You‘re seeing a massive amount of coverage of the Abu Ghraib scandal and very little coverage of the Nick Berg beheading.

And it‘s incredible to me, because I think what this really does is promote a moral equivalency between the terrorists who are beheading Nick Berg and these soldiers who committed reprehensible abuses in Iraq. But clearly these are exceptions to a rule of an honorable U.S. Army in Iraq, while the terrorist photos are clearly representative of something much larger.

SCARBOROUGH: Well, you say there is a moral equivalency. If there were a moral equivalency, then they would be running stories on Nick Berg‘s execution and slaughter as much as they‘re doing on the prison scandal. It just seems like there‘s absolutely no perspective.

SHAPIRO: I think that‘s absolutely true.

I think what you‘re looking at is very much like what you see on campus. You‘re seeing a real bias towards one side and attempts to paint the U.S. military as evil, as the terrorists are, and you‘re seeing this clearly in the coverage of the Abu Ghraib scandal vs. the beheading of someone. I don‘t know how you equate getting some people naked and piling them up or possibly even abusing them in a reprehensible manner with beheading.

I think if you‘d give any of those people in the Abu Ghraib prison the choice between being beheaded and being forced to pose naked, I think they would choose being posing naked.

Yes. Scarborough really thinks that Ben actually wrote a book about ‘brainwashing’. Hell, that’s close enough to ‘expert’ for Joe….

Added Bonus Ben-Blast-From-The-Past

All you need to know about our little neocon is contained in this little snippet from this column he wrote in Feb. 2003:

If Western Europe has its way, this will never happen. France, Germany and their other accommodation-minded cohorts are in the palms of Middle Eastern Islamic dictatorships. For these countries that never experienced the tyranny of Communist rule during the Cold War, the idea of evil is anathema.(my emphasis)

Really makes you wanna go out and buy that Brainwashed book doesn’t it?

Speaking of which, I’ve added it to my Amazon Wish List list if anyone else is willing to pay for it, since I won’t…

(Thanks to reader Robert for the Scarborough link)

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