Accuracy is for wimps…

Looks like the Not Ready For A Good Paying Gig folks at NRO had a bad day today with, you know, facts…

Bob Newhart didn’t attend CUA. His son did. Apologies. The rest of the list is accurate.
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Peter Robinson:
OOPS [Peter Robinson ]
From a reader:
Dear Peter,

Clive James is Australian.


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John Kill’em All Derbyshire:
DERB QUOTE MESS [John Derbyshire]
Egg on face. The Orwell quote I passed on from a reader — “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf” — is bogus. See full details here.

In my defense:

(a) I was only passing it on from a reader. Can’t stop to check everything. Not my chob.

(b) Orwell — in the Kipling essay I started with — passes very similar opinions, and would undoubtedly have agreed with the remark.

(c) True quote or not, the proposition ITSELF is true!
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NRO: We Make Shit Up…And Sometimes We Get Caught.

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